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About Us

KnowItAlz is a single source for the caregivers and loved ones with an emphasis on the lighter side of living with Alzheimer’s Disease. Though there are many excellent resources currently available on the topic of Alzheimer’s Disease, KnowItAlz will provide a user-friendly resource with the focus on the caregiver.

Quality of life is critical for the patient suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, but even more critical for their. Great attention will be paid to the use of humor in the care of Alzheimer’s patients and how that approach can improve the quality of life for both patient and caregiver.

By providing an interactive forum linking caregivers with Alzheimer’s resources, we hope to promote the development of a highly improved quality of life for both Alzheimer’s patients and those who care for them.

KnowItAlz was founded by Kathy and Nancy Hatfield — two sisters whose 78 year old father has Alzheimers. Kathy is the full time caregiver for her father and is determined to find the humor in such a tragic disease.