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He Has a Point

From The Archives 2010: I had a real craving for my Mother's meatloaf this week, so last night I decided to go ahead and make one. Dad and I both love to have meatloaf sandwiches the day after, so I made an extra large one. After an hour in the oven, it was definatley not cooked yet. […]


FROM THE ARCHIVES 2009: Barring anything hilarious, this will be my last hemorrhoid post. Dad has been wiping with the medicated Tucks Pads after he poops in order to soothe his butt. Somehow he got the idea that he would try to Band-Aid one of the Tucks pad to his cheeks. He called for help, […]

KnowItAlz – The Caregiver Book

My Dad was a FUNNY man.  If you are a longtime reader of KnowItAlz – The Blog, you know that his seven years living with me were filled with love, dignity and humor. Since he passed away in April, I have been compiling the funniest blogs into a book to help caregivers see the lighter side […]

Sticky Situation

From the Archives 2007: Dad and I finally finished the last of the Christmas cards at 10:30 last night. There was only one minor problem.  When I asked Dad to put the postage stamps on the cards, I did not think to tell them that He did not have to lick the stamps anymore because they […]

Six Dads

It's hard to believe that Dad has been gone for almost 6 months.  Being a full time caregiver for seven years consumed my thoughts, my time, and my heart. I miss it.  It sounds strange to say after all those days when I wanted to run away and join the circus! I just started school […]

Most of all, We Laughed

My Dad passed away peacefully in his sleep on Easter Sunday. Luckily, I gave him his overflowing chocolate basket one day early. We had a great seven years together, and Alzheimer's never defined him, crippled him, or made him suffer. He only remembered the good times, a lesson I have learned from him. Please go back […]

Back to “Normal”

Boy what a long month this has been.  Dad has had bronchitis, I had two eye infections, my mother-in-law had a stroke and passed away, and my boyfriend David severed his thumb with a table saw. Just another month in the life of a caregiver, right?  Now that Dad is well, we finally made it […]

America’s Most Wanted

My sister came over to have dinner with Dad while I went to the Chiropractor. When I came in, I overheard her explaining to Dad about the TV reporter that was mobbed and raped in Egypt. "Noooooooo." I said to her quickly as I changed the channel, "We do not watch those kind of shows." […]

Good Answer

When asked, "How do you do it?" a caregiver replied, "Love gives me no choice." How true.

Like a Bird

David was home today and was birdwatching through the sliding glass door in the dining room. Dad asked him what he was doing and he replied, "Watching the birds." "What are you watching them do?" He asked. "Fly, eat, poop, fly, eat, poop." said David. "That pretty much sounds like me, except for the flying […]

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