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I AM Here!

I have been a paid caregiver for almost 10 years. I took care of my grandmother years ago until we had to have skilled nursing, after that I knew this was my calling. The sweet lady I care for now is 96 years young! Isn't she beautiful! Her family came into town this past week, […]

A Song For My Grandma

My Grandma died in 2007 from Alzheimer's. We kept her home with us instead of putting her in a nursing home. We are lucky enough to have a large family so there was always someone here to take care of her. It was, and still is, extremely hard. We miss her so much. Watching her […]

Children and Grandchildren

Hi, Most of you won’t know me since I don’t post very often. This time though I am posting to to tell my story and ask a favor as well. Myself and my  young granddaughter are just entering our third year of dealing with my husband's Alzheimr's. He was diagnosed at 65.  I am learning […]

Get Well Soon Dad

My Dad is 81.  I quit my job in 2005 to take care of him full time.  Recently he scored 11 on his MMSE however, I knew the results would be lower than six months ago from what is going on around the house.  For so long, he maintained in the mid-twenties so we have […]

Raising My Parents

This is the title of the book I am writing.  It is basically about my trials, tribulations, laughter, tears and some important information on caring for my mother,, who has alzheimers.  Some of the things I had to go through with certain agencies to take over my mother's finances, bills, etc.  have to make you […]

My Dad

My Dad who is now nearly 91 moved in to live with me early in December 2008. Now I knew that Dad had some problems just did not realize how far along he was. Ten years ago we didn't really say to much about Alzheimer Disease. A lot of what we as his kids just […]

Not Who I Should Be

Today I wasn't the daughter I should be. Frustration overcame me and I yelled at my mother. I slip slide down the rabbit hole and expect logic to pop up, a blazing torch in the darkness. Instead I reach the door in the dark finding I am too large or too small. My mother has become […]

My husband has been diagnosed.

I notice somebody posted a message on December 29th that they were caring for their husband and would like to be in communication with sombody else caring for their husband.  Well, l am and I would love to communicate with you!  Feel free to email me at  

Taking care of spouse

This is for the lady looking for someone taking care of spouse.  My husband was diagnosed a little over two years ago with dementia at age 75.   I'm not sure that I am a care giver, as I feel that he can still pretty well take care of himself.   His main problem is with language.  […]

My Mom

My name is Betsy, and I am a 41 year old woman caring for my 82 year old mother, who has multi-infarc dementia. I live with my mom full time, since I am on disability due to a severe non-verbal learning disability, depression, and anxiety.  I have an older brother who lives in another state, […]

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