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Pops Poop Oops

My best friend just became a short-term caregiver to her Dad after he was hospitalized for an operation.

He is blind in one eye so she had to re-arrange her house to accommodate his low vision.

She even went so far as to set his toiletries out on the bathroom counter so he would not have to search for anything in the cabinets.

The first afternoon she walked into the guest bathroom to find blue gel shaving cream all over the floor, mirror, counter-tops, toilet – even the ceiling!

She wondered if he had missed his hand that many times while preparing to shave; she became very concerned that the blindness was MUCH worse than she had thought!  Coule he live a

Then, her Dad casually walked into the bathroom and apologized for the "stink" he had created with a poop.

"I did spray some air freshener, but I can see it didn't help the smell too much."

That explained it… He thought the shaving gel was air freshener!

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