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Going to Florida Again

Dad and I are leaving tomorrow for his 61st High School Reunion.  They have a full sized reunion every five years in Highland Park, NJ where my dad went to high school and the ”mini” in Florida every year.  So, obviously, dad does not remember we are going, so I keep showing him the flyers I made up to remind him and he gets excited every time.

I got home from work today and packed his clothes, yearbooks, toiletries, etc. in the suitcase and left his room.  

A while later I went by the door of his room and noticed he was putting some clothes away.  As he was unpacking the suitcase and noticed the yearbooks he said, “what a great time we had at the reunion, huh Kath”  “We had a great time Dad”.  

So, he has gone to bed, and I just finished repacking.  I hope we have a great time “again”!

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