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Kathy’s Time Machine

Today is Tuesday and Tuesday is haircut day. My father has had his haircut by the same barber on the same day of the week for about 20 years.

He ALWAYS remembers that Tuesday is haircut day. Well, today we had a doctor’s appointment and I knew he needed a haircut before we leave for his Reunion on Thursday, but trying to get him to get a haircut on Monday is all but impossible.

So, I resorted to a trick that has served me well these past couple of years. I change time.
Amazing you may say, but not really.

We have a chalkboard that I write the day and date on for my dad, and when I need to change the schedule, I just change the date. Yesterday, I put out last Tuesday’s paper and wrote last Tuesday’s date on the board.

Viola! Haircut on Monday – Victory!

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