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My Father is Shrinking

Dad was always stubborn, but Alzheimer’s has added a new level.   According to dad, he has worn a size 36 pant for 60 years.  He has never worn anything bigger than a 36 (I may have believed this if I had not seen pictures). 

But why argue, right?   

So, anyway, a while back, I decided that instead of with my dad wearing 36” pants that cut off his breathing, I would just cut out the tags so he had no idea he was wearing 38s.   So, I have found that with dad, once we like something (the way pants fit, a particular food or brand of juice, etc.) we stock up on that particular thing so there is no guessing games with any future purchases.   

Well, for Christmas, we got him 4 pairs of the same pants (38 waist so he can breathe) and I promptly removed all of the tags. 
Dad came into my office this morning, and with a puzzled look, proclaimed, “I must be shrinking.”   

He was standing there, wearing a giant pair of pants that were about 6” too big in the waist and 4 inches too long. 

I guess when I grabbed the stack of pants at the store there was an off size mixed in with the other three.   

I just looked at him and said, “the diet must be working”.  

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