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Problems with grooming may be caused by:

  •  Forgetting that it is time to comb hair, brush teeth etc.
  • Loss of understanding how to comb hair, brush teeth etc.
  • Inability to recognize parts of the body
  • Distractions from people, clutter or noise
  • Lack of privacy
  • Poor lighting

Encourage person to do as much of the grooming activities as possible

  • Keep hair in an easy to care for style
  • Know the person’s preference for shaving with electric or hand razor
  • Encourage females to use some make-up if this was important to her
  • Encourage the person to clip or cut their nails twice a months
  • Encourage the person to brush their teeth at least twice a day
  • For denture wearers, encourage soaking teeth at night
  • Have room at a comfortable temperature for grooming
  • Make sure there is privacy
  • Make sure the environment is calm without distractions
  • Make sure everything is ready to use (comb, toothbrush etc)
  • Tips to increase or maintain cooperation with grooming
  • Have the same grooming routine every day
  • Allow enough time for grooming activities
  • Talk with a calm voice
  • Lay out grooming supplies
  • Lay combs, brushes etc. in clear view
  • Use short and simple instructions
  • Give verbal or visual cues with grooming
  • Use a pantomime technique with grooming
  • Don’t force a person to comb hair, brush teeth etc.
  • Try distracting the person if there is resistance

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