Alzheimer's Blog

Fun Activities

Early Stage


Play Cards

Write Names on the Back of Pictures

Take a Trip and Videotape it

Play Pictionary

Make a Scrapbook

Jigsaw Puzzles

Crossword Puzzles



Scrabble or Boggle


Fold Laundry

Load/Unload Dishwasher

Organize Silverware

Gardening or Weeding

Have a Cookout or Picnic
Read Classic Short Stories



Mid Stage

Plant seeds indoors or out
Clip coupons
Read the daily paper out loud
Bake cookies
Weed the flower bed
Make homemade lemonade
Fold clothes
Sing old songs
"Tell me more" when they talk about a memory
Play favorite songs and sing
Take a ride
Take a walk
Reminisce about 1st day of school
Identify states and capitals
Make a family tree
Water house plants
Reminisce about the first kiss
Force bulbs for winter blooming
Sort playing cards by their color
Write a letter to a family member
Name the presidents
Plant a tree
Finish famous sayings
Put a puzzle together
Remember famous people
Take care of fish tank

Late Stage

Ask someone with a child to visit
Listen to music
Look at family photographs
Toss a ball
Have a friend visit with a calm pet
Sort objects by shape or color
Take a ride
Make homemade ice cream
Pop popcorn
Mold with play dough
Sand wood
Feed the ducks
Finish Nursery Rhymes
Make peanut butter sandwiches
Roll yarn into a ball
Sort coins